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This advanced plugin makes the plugin Super Wars run in dedicated mode for bungee servers, and links it to the hub.
When you connect to the server it auto connects you to the defined SW game in the config. If a player leaves the game by typing /sw leave, being eliminated, or any other way, they will be kicked back to the hub server. (You must define the hub server in the config)

To install this just put the plugin is the plugins folder along with Super Wars, then reload the server. This plugin is not for your hub, it is only for the sub servers you want to dedicate to SW. However it links to the SW plugin on your hub and sends player info ect.

After you reload the server you will need to create a SW game on the server. Then set "game" in the config to its name. Also unless your hub server is called "hub" on bungee, you will need to set it in the config.

Also if you still want join signs on your hub, you can put SW on your hub and set "useDedicatedMode" to true in the config. Then make the join signs use the server name of the server with the game instead of the SW game name. Do not set "useDedicatedMode" to true on the bungee server with the SWs game, that option is for the hub only.

In dedicated mode the signs on the hub will show the player count like usual, and when you click them they will connect you to the defined server. However they do not show if a game is started. If you join a server that is already started it will just kick you back to the hub.

The reward money is given to the players account on the non-hub server. To fix this just have your currency plugin use mySQL.

NOTE: This is an add-on for Super Wars. This plugin will do nothing on its own.
First install Super Wars, then get this.

Version Note: This will work with Super Wars v1.8 and later.

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