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Getting a quote:

If you are thinking about buying a plugin then make a file with detailed info on all the fetures and whatever else you want in it. Then Send me the file ether by Email or Skype. And I will look it over and give you a quote.



Worried about being scammed? No need to worry, after you agree to pay a price for a plugin, you don't have to pay anything up-front. I will make half of the plugin, then send it to you. You can test it and see that I am indeed working on it. Then you will send the money via Paypal, and I will finish it and send the complete plugin. If you still don't trust me for some reason, then you can order over Fiver. However, since they take 20% of the money when you buy on their site, the plugin will cost 20% more.


Discord: Eliminator#6415








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